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  1. All contents (text, photos, graphics, documents, files) of this website are to be understood as the exclusive intellectual property of Vincenzo Lavorante except where expressly indicated by citing the source and / or the author. The contents on the site can only be used for personal and / or informative / educational purposes. It is expressly forbidden to commercialize or reproduce it, even partially, in any form, including publication on websites or intranets, dissemination via mailing list or newsletter, publication in printed magazines and cdrom and on any other medium, dissemination via any means of communication, without the prior written authorization of the author. The reproduction authorization is in any case subject to the citation of the source ( and, where present, the name of the author.
  2. For requests for authorization to use the contents indicated above, send an e-mail to

  3. Vincenzo Lavorante authorizes the reproduction of the ONLY TEXTS provided that the following conditions are met:



  • INTEGRITY OF THE CITATION: The portion of text reproduced must not be modified, altered, reorganized, reworked, but must present an exact copy of the original text on
  • QUOTATION OF THE SOURCE: The reproduction of the text must always be accompanied by the source (, the month and year of publication and, where present, the author, possibly creating a link back to www.vincenzolavorante .it


In these cases, written authorization is not required; in any case, the author requests that it be communicated via e-mail to, and reserves the right to request the removal of the published text.​

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